These Young engineers and managers highly value exemplary corporate leadership.

The German Leadership Award is an initiative of alumni of Collège des Ingénieurs (CDI), Paris, Munich, Torino. The award is presented annually in Baden-Baden by the non-profit German Leadership Award Association since 2014.

The corporate culture of the German economy is based on growing values and characteristics. However, their sustainability must be placed in the global environment to the test. The German Leadership Award is here a stimulator; it recognizes outstanding examples of modern management in German companies.

German Corporate Culture in Transition

Generation Y (Millennials) demands a deeper sense of corporate culture, work-life balance and creative space for self-discovery.

Award Winner 2017:

Leadership means being aware of one’s responsibility – without being paralyzed by it.

Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO thyssenkrupp AG, winner of the German Leadership Award 2017.

Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger

CEO thyssenkrupp AG

„Führung bedeutet für mich, sich seiner Verantwortung bewusst zu sein – ohne sich von ihr lähmen zu lassen. Nur, wer für sich ein klares Ziel formuliert hat, kann sich für einen Weg entscheiden und auch andere Menschen auf diesem Weg mitnehmen. Nur mit einem Ziel im Kopf lassen sich Maßnahmen, Entscheidungen und Fortschritte überhaupt bewerten. Es geht darum, Menschen zu überzeugen, dass sie dabei mitmachen und daran glauben, dass wir das Ziel erreichen können. Deshalb ist für mich zweite Punkt ganz entscheidend.“

Peter Bauer

CEO Infineon Technologies AG (2010 – 2012), Chairman of Supervisory Board OSRAM Licht AG

“Leadership today means a lot to thank our employees.”

Dr. phil. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller

CEO and Managing Partner of TRUMPF GMBH + Co. KG, Ditzingen

“Success cannot be achieved at any costs. Effective leadership means saying ‘yes’ to employee-driven projects which may require long-term commitment rather than a short-term return on Investment. Effective leadership also means the freedom to fail – but not too often of course“

Erich Harsch

CEO of dm-drogerie markt, Karlsruhe

“Mankind is not the source, but rather the object of economic activities. Our goal is to promote creativity and freedom of the individual. We have to ask ourselves, ‘How can personal freedom produce peaceful co-existence?’”